Broadband benefits for the San Juan Islands

Welcome to Island Network!

Island Network, a division of Orcas Power & Light Cooperative, offers reliable, high-speed Internet services to OPALCO members in supported locations – since 2004. This service utilizes OPALCO’s grid control backbone, which has been created to manage our electric system. OPALCO is expanding this grid control backbone to connect more electric distribution system devices in our grid, and this will allow Island Network to make more Internet connections available to more members as the expansion proceeds.

Where are connections available?

Island Network connections are available in locations that are close to OPALCO’s grid control backbone. Currently, this includes most of Friday Harbor, Eastsound and Lopez Village, and a few other areas close to existing fiber optic lines. In addition, we want to hear from neighborhood clusters who are interested in Internet services.

To see where our service is available today, visit our Service Locations page. To see maps of our future plans, visit our Expansion Plans page.

How does it work?

New connections to Island Network for Internet services are established the same way as new connections to OPALCO’s electric system:

  • To begin service, the connecting member pays a one-time “Connection Cost,” which is the cost of extending the network to the customer’s location from the closest backbone access point. This cost will vary depending on the customer’s location. The rate structure includes a $1,500 credit for each connection.
  • Once connected, the member pays for the service monthly, at the cost of service.
  • Members are encouraged to maximize the cost effectiveness of connection by cooperating with neighbors to share initial costs. Neighborhood connections are the most cost effective way to serve the largest number of members.

If you would like to request Island Network Internet services, click here to fill out a form and get started. Please note, there is currently a backlog of interest. We are responding to Neighborhood connections first and will get to individual requests as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Island Network!

Want to Connect?

Click to fill out an interest form. If your location can connect today, we’ll estimate your Connection Cost, and help you get started.

If our service isn’t yet available at your location, we’ll keep you on our list, and we’ll notify you when it is.


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